Why does my car need an MOT

An MOT test that is worth the paper it's written on

So many motorists struggle to find a local, reputable garage that offers them measurable value when it comes to MOT testing. You may think that all MOT tests are the same. And on one level, you're right – at least, provided they're done properly.

But how many motorists walk out of the test centre feeling happy and confident in the service they've received? Especially if they've had to pay out extras for repairs?

It's important to know why your MOT test result is so important, and if your car has failed, what you can do to keep it in good order after the repair.

Life-saver or just another expense?

While many motorists see the MOT as an annual inconvenience, it's actually a really important part of the high levels of road safety we enjoy in this country (4th safest in Europe according to the EU). If drivers were allowed to take their cars onto the road without an annual safety check, we'd certainly see a lot more accidents.

So with that in mind, it's important that when your test is due, you find an open and honest garage in your local area that's committed to high levels of service, and takes a pride in their work.

That's where we step in.

Quality and service that comes highly-recommended

Our independent network of local garages are all regularly reviewed and rated by customers like you. And customer satisfaction is one of the most important key indicators we monitor in our business. So it's safe to say that when you visit a Unipart garage, you're in safe hands.

As a Unipart customer, you'll also benefit from our 12 month / 12,000 mile guarantee on all the work we do, and all the parts we fit – nationwide. That means that if something goes wrong with a part, or the way we've fitted it, you can bring your car into any one of our nationwide network of garages, and we'll get you back on the road at no extra cost.

And if your car's still under warranty, we're perfectly-placed to help. All of our parts are certified as 'matching quality' so we won't invalidate your warranty when we fit them.

If you'd like to enjoy great value for money, and a superior level of customer care, contact your local Unipart MOT test centre today.