How to avoid car repairs

How to avoid unnecessary and costly car repairs

Sometimes car repairs are unavoidable. Even the most well-cared-for parts will eventually wear out, or someone might be reckless enough to crash into you. Even if your repairs are covered by insurance, it's still important to find a reputable garage offering a high standard of work.

But what about saving yourself the headache – and expense – of car repairs that can be prevented? You don't have to be a mechanic to learn the few simple steps on this page and save yourself time, fuel and unnecessary repair bills.

Admittedly, you may need a mechanic to help you deal with some of the problems you find as you're checking your car over, but the earlier you discover a problem, the less expensive the repair bill is likely to be.

Car care checklist

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so here's a list of checks you can make by yourself on a regular basis to ensure there are no serious problems developing in your car.

  • Regular servicing – the most obvious entry on this list. Your annual service means your car gets a once-over by a qualified mechanic, highlighting any wear and tear or potential problems.
  • Check your oil – oil level is crucial to the prevention of wear to your engine. Check when the car is cool because hot or warm oil expands.
  • Check your tyres – worn tyres can be dangerous and may puncture, possibly causing an accident. Ensure tyre pressure is maintained at the correct level to increase fuel efficiency.
  • Check your brakes – if your brakes feel 'spongy' they may need to be calibrated. Also, over-worn brake pads can cause damage to the wheel.
  • Listen for unusual noises – if your car starts to make a grinding or knocking sound, take it to your local Unipart Car Care Centre immediately. Problems with engines and wheels can deteriorate rapidly.
  • Keep it clean – adopting a regular routine for cleaning your car helps to prevent corrosion. Attend to any knocks and scratches on the paintwork straight away to prevent the elements getting in. Redouble your efforts during icy weather as the salt from treated roads is highly corrosive.

Find a reliable, recommended local car repairs garage

If you're unlucky enough to find your car in need of repair, it can sometimes be difficult to find a local garage you can trust. You need to know you'll be dealt with honestly by someone who carries out a high standard of work.

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