Customer Service Pledge

Quality Service

Choosing a garage when you need your car service or repaired can be pretty scary stuff - who knows what you’re gonna get?

By choosing a Unipart Car Care Centre, you’ll be picking someone local to your area who meets standards akin to the best in the industry. More than that, they’ll be using top quality products which won’t jeapordise your warranty.

Unipart Car Care Centres will provide you a with a fully itemised written estimate including VAT before you agree to let us start on any work. If you request it, we can even provide a firm written quotation where possible.

Worried about being charged for additional car repair bills you weren’t expecting? Unipart Car Care Centres will always talk to you first and agree a price if any extra work is necessary for your safety.

Unipart Car Care Centres will be quick fixing your car. We would never keep your car in longer than absolutely necessary; and promise to always contact you in advance if your car isn’t going to ready at the agreed time.

You should hope that your garage will thoroughly check the vehicle before it’s returned to you. We do. Also, we will keep any parts we’ve replaced for 24 hours if you request.

Unipart Car Care Centres will also provide a statement of any repairs which may need to be undertaken in the near future for you to take home.

Quality of Workmanship

We’re not just about giving you great customer service and sending you on your way. No, you can trust Unipart Car Care Centres to give your car the best day of its life whilst it’s in our care as well.

Unipart only fit parts of equivalent quality to the ones originally fitted by the car’s manufacturer. This means that if you car is under warranty - the work we do in comparison to at another independent garage will not invalidate it.

Unipart have a nationwide guarantee on all parts and labour involved in any of service to your car, meaning that if something were to go wrong within 12 months - we will fix it for free!

All our Unipart Car Care Centres will keep a detailed record of working in your service record book, which will demonstrate a record of regular, professional work to maintain the resale value of your car.

Any more questions? Just Ask us.

And if, for any reason you're unhappy with the service or work provided, we provide an independent arbitration service – free of charge – and we'll abide by their decision.

For MOT Testing, Servicing and Repairs, contact your local Unipart Car Care Centre today.

*In the unlikely event of the failure or incorrect fitting of one of our parts, we guarantee a free replacement with free labour from any one of our nationwide network of garages any time within 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) of the date of fitting. This does not affect your statutory rights.