Car Servicing



It’s important to service your car every year, to ensure it’s in good running order and to maximise the lifespan of your car. Did you know that servicing your car could actually cut your running costs, a clogged air filter alone can reduce your fuel efficiency by a massive 10 per cent! Everyone of our Car Care Centres is Unipart Approved and a member of the Motor Ombudsman programme.

SERVICE PACKAGESNationwide Guarantee

Our nationwide network of approved independent garages can provide a manufacturers recommended service to suit the precise needs of your vehicle based upon age and mileage, a service that you would get from a Vehicle Manufacturers Dealer but without the higher labour rates that some Dealers charge. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quotation. Alternatively we can offer ‘menu priced’ service packages offering exceptional value for money.

Interim Service: Primarily for high mileage vehicles, to be carried out every 6 months or 6000 miles. Alongside an oil and filter change we will check those parts that are most likely to require attention within a 6 month period.

Full Service: Recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles, incorporating over 50 separate checks to keep your car in excellent working order.

Major Service: Our most comprehensive service package designed to be carried out every two years or 24,000 miles.

The cost of your service will depend on the engine size of your vehicle and the type of oil required:

If your vehicle requires specialist or synthetic oil an extra charge will apply. Consult your handbook for the correct grade of oil for your vehicle or contact us and we will be happy to assist.


If your vehicle is still under manufacturer's warranty, you can bring it to us for a manufacturers recommended service, MOT or repairs without worrying. All Unipart Car Parts are certified as Original Equipment Matching Quality. Not only do these parts promise superior performance and great value-for-money, but your warranty won't be invalidated when we fit them.


We're so confident in the quality of our parts that we offer a 12 month or 12,000 mile nationwide guarantee on every part and the labour involved in fitting it.

This means that should anything go wrong with the parts we've fitted, or the way we've fitted it during the guarantee period, you can take your car to any of our nationwide network of Unipart Car Care Centres, and we'll fix the problem at no extra charge.


All Unipart Car Care Centres subscribe to the Industry Code for Car Service and Repair – operated by The Motor Ombudsman. Drawing support not only from the Department for Transport, but also from consumer groups, the standards set by The Motor Ombudsman are widely accepted by both customers and industry personnel. As a customer of a subscribing garage, you'll benefit from adherence to a strict code of practice aimed at raising the bar for the motor repair industry. 

Menu Servicing Checklist Interim Full Major
Drain engine oil, replace oil filter and refill with recommended grade of oil
Check and advise on general oil leaks
Check operation and condition of wipers and washers 
Top up washer reservoir (if required)
Advise on strength of antifreeze
Check coolant level and top up
Top up brake fluid (if required)
Check power steering fluid reservoir for leaks and top up (if required)
Check clutch fluid level (if applicable)
Visual check of brake pads and discs for wear
Visual check all visible brake pipes and hoses
Check operation of handbrake
Visual check brake callipers for leaks and security
Check handbrake linkages and travel, and adjust if required
Check brake servo operation
Check external lights
Check instrument warning lamps
Check horn
Check/clean HT leads and components (if applicable)
Check starter motor effectiveness 
Check replacement intervals for timing belt and advise
Check radiator, hoses and header tank for condition and leaks
Check fuel cap
Check condition of road springs
Check steering/suspension components for wear and excessive corrosion
Check steering rack gaiters condition
Check shock absorber condition and mounting
Check wheel bearings for noise and play
Check tyre condition and tyre depths
Check and adjust tyre pressures
Remove road wheels, check flanges and mountings for damage
Re-fit road wheels to manufacturers torque specification
Visually check and advise on condition of exhaust
Check and adjust clutch operation (if applicable)
Check for transmission oil leaks
Check condition of clutch cable where fitted and viable
Reset vehicle service light (if applicable)
Conduct Road Test
Stamp service book
Replace air filter  
Check battery condition and connections. Top up as necessary (non sealed units)  
Check Glow plug warning light (if applicable)  
Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (excludes timing belt)  
Check & advise on cabin filter condition  
Visual check brake discs, brake shoes and wheel cylinders for wear, damage and leakage   
Check brake fluid boiling point. If boiling point low change brake fluid (extra cost if fluid change required)  
Check drive shaft gaiters for security and  leaks  
Carry out engine management system scan  
Check windscreen for cracks and chips  
Check internal and external mirrors  
Check seat belts  
Check rear reflectors  
Check operation of locks on doors and bonnet. Lubricate hinges and catches  
Check number plate condition  
Check gearbox fluid level  
Check radiator cap  
Visually check exhaust smoke (diesel engine only)  
Visual check fuel system and tank (if visible)  
Replace fuel filter (if fitted externally from tank)    
Spark plugs changes on petrol engines dependent upon mileage (extra cost if replacements needed)    
Grease steering prop shaft and suspension (if applicable)    
Check headlamp alignment    
Check electrical coolant fan (if applicable)    
Check alternator output    
Check air conditioning system operation