Expert diesel tuning for improved performance and efficiency

What makes and models do you cater for?

Unlike some garages who specialise only in particular makes and models, here at Unipart we're all-round experts. All our mechanics are highly-skilled and properly-trained in the operation of engine tuning technology, and regularly receive scores of 95% and higher in customer satisfaction surveys for all makes and models.

Is diesel engine tuning legal?

Yes, and it's perfectly safe, too. In fact, we'd go as far as to say it's recommended. Not only will you enjoy better performance from your car, but you'll do more miles to the gallon, and ultimately prolong the life of your engine.

What are the benefits of diesel tuning?

With a wide range of customers driving private and commercial vehicles on our books, the most common benefits they enjoy are:

  • Improved fuel economy – particularly important for high-mileage drivers, and better for the environment
  • Increased pulling power (torque) – if you regularly tow a trailer, you'll notice the benefits straight away
  • Improved acceleration – for safer overtaking
  • Smoother power distribution – for easier town driving, and fewer gear changes

Couldn't I just buy a tuning box?

Yes you could. But do you know what you're getting? And more importantly: can you guarantee its accuracy or safety?

There's more to diesel tuning than just torque and power increase, and if you don't let a professional handle it for you, you may end up with disappointing results, or even compromise your safety.

Why choose Unipart?

Unique in the garage services sector for being a network of independent-yet-connected garages, we believe our award-winning centres offer the best of both worlds.

Our customers benefit not only from the wealth of local knowledge you expect from a local business – they also enjoy our renowned quality of customer service. So whichever Unipart garage you choose, you can expect the same great service, and the same top-notch standards of work.

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